-Computer Services-

We understand how important it is to keep your computer working to avoid disruptions to your daily life and business. KCS is trained and experienced in all areas of information technology. We provide our customers with attentive service and honest pricing. We work hard to become your number one choice for electronic repairs. Think of us as your own personal IT department. We’re always one quick phone call away when you need us.

  • Power clean of inner & outer hardware components for entire system (1 computer, 1 monitor, 1 printer, all cables, connections, etc)
  • Professional Removal of harmful dust, residue, etc.
  • Installation/upgrading of any hardware or peripheral devices such as external hard drives, controllers, webcams, graphics cards, etc.
  • We provide you memory with our installation or can install memory that you provide.
  • Backup and transfer of all files to new hard drive
  • Full installation of hard drive into present environment
  • Complete installation/reinstallation/upgrade of operating system
  • Backup & transfer of old wanted files to new system
  • Full diagnostic evaluation & performance optimization
  • Manually repair any damaged operating system files
  • Ensure operating system has critical updates & security patches
  • Clean-up of unused programs, icons, etc.
  • Hardware diagnostic & power cleaning of internal hardware components (cpu fan, power supply fan, motherboard, etc)
  • Installation of antispyware & antivirus software
  • Manual removal of malicious files & programs that cannot be automatically removed by software alone

Motherboard Repair/Replacement
Believe your motherboard has gone bad or is on its way out? We will absolutely check to make sure if that is the case. With a job like this we like to be thorough and make sure that that’s the problem, hence it may take longer than other repairs to correctly diagnose and then replace the correct part.


Fan Replacement
A fan is definitely on the list of parts that could need to be either fixed or replaced as the computer ages. When that’s the case, don’t worry, we’ll make sure your fan doesn’t damage any other parts of your computer, and that you go home with a fan system that works properly so you won’t need to worry about your computer’s temperature for a long time.

HDD Replacement/Upgrade
If you think that you may have a hard drive problem, or you just want to upgrade to a new SSD rather than a HDD, feel free to call us and ask about your options. Technology is moving forward really quickly, so an SSD that might have been ridiculous to buy five years ago is very reasonable today, and if you would like to have your computer reflect that, pencil us in.

Memory Repair/Upgrade
Being limited by the RAM on your computer is a massive pain to deal with. If your computer has been around the block for a while, it could simply be an outdated part that we can replace to upgrade your entire machine for you. A new memory stick can make your desktop feel like a new machine all over again.

Power Supply Repair
The power supply unit is among the more rare issues for a desktop to start having, and sometimes it can be fixed with a simple reinstall. However, the part can become old/inadequate, and we can either fix it up or replace the part entirely.

Operating System/Software Installations or Upgrades
Software issues with your computer can be a pain. If it is booting up extra slowly or you’ve just noticed your computer misbehaving in otherwise unexplained ways, a fresh reinstall could be just what the doctor ordered. Hopefully this can fix your desktop and have it back to working like a brand new model all over again.

SSD Upgrade

SSD = Seriously Speedy Device
Technically SSD stands for Solid State Drive. But if you let us give you a 30 day speed upgrade trial, you’ll start seeing things our way.

Use what we use.
Sure you can spend $1500 on a brand new, top of the line computer. Or, just upgrade to an SSD. Your choice.

Virus Removal
Viruses on your computer can cause massive headaches. It may not stop you from being able to actually get your work done, but pop-ups are bothersome. Even if you’re not dealing with pop-ups, just your computer is getting slower and slower, we should be able to fix up your desktop with either virus removal or a fresh reinstall.